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Our three-step process for putting companies in touch with fantastic IT headhunters right in their very own neighborhoods couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how it works:

  1. Begin by submitting your information via our basic form, which will tell us important details of your search, including your location, the type of company you run, and the kind of IT professional you require. Once you’ve submitted the form, you’re done! Just sit back and wait for your results – in most cases, you can expect to be connected with a great IT headhunter within just twenty-four hours.

  2. After receiving your information, we then match your data against our network of recruiting contacts. First, we look for headhunters in your area; then, we focus on those who have experience in successfully placing candidates in information technology positions. Finally, we make sure the headhunter we’re suggesting has a strong track record of delivering satisfactory results quickly and effectively.

  3. The third and final step occurs when we send you the name and contact information of the perfect IT headhunter for your needs. What happens next is up to you; you can interview them over the phone or in person and choose to hire their services, or you can simply move on without contacting them at all – it’s your choice. ITHeadhunters.org is an obligation-free complimentary service, so you have nothing to lose!

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