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3 Signs of Bad IT Headhunters

When you are meeting with an IT headhunter, there are a few things that you should look out for to protect your company’s interests. The following attributes are those of a bad headhunter, and when you notice these signs, it’s time to look elsewhere for an IT recruiter.

They Rush Through Everything

The first clue that will allow you to know that a recruiting firm isn’t a good one for you is that they rush you through your phone conversations or meetings. They are acting as if you are inconveniencing them with your phone call and they are not interested in anything you have to say. If you are dealing with an IT headhunter that is acting this way then you might want to cut off your relationship with this recruiter.

They Force You to Settle

The second clue that the recruiting agency that you are working with is probably not the one that is best for you, is that they are making you settle for an employee that you really do not want or that you feel will not be a good fit for your company. If the IT headhunter you are dealing with is insisting that you take this person, then this recruiter does not have your best interests at heart.

If you request placement for an IT manager or director and the headhunter sends you candidates that don’t meet your specifications for education or experience, then you need to go elsewhere. For example, you want someone with a masters degree,every candidate the headhunter sends your way only has a bachelors degree and none of them even have the required years of experience you requested. You shouldn’t even interview these candidates. You would have tossed their applications into the junk pile if you had advertised for the position yourself. Don’t settle for an employee you really don’t think is qualified.

They Only Have a Short List of Candidates

The final clue that a recruiting agency isn’t the right one for you is that they don’t have a long list of candidates that they are working to place. The reason why this is a bad sign is that the fewer candidates they are working with, the less likely you are going to find the perfect candidate for the open position at your company. Great IT headhunters are going to have a long list of candidates for you to choose from.

While these are only just a few warning signs of a bad headhunter, they are critical to your success of finding the most qualified candidate for the open technical position at your company. Avoid headhunters that exhibit any of these signs.